Wildix for the
Financial Services Industry and Banks

Loyalty and Profitability

Some of your customers prefer online operations. Think of them, improve your customer relationship with Wildix Kite!

Wildix technology brings your online services to the new level and allows your bank to provide professional customer support also online.


Just insert Wildix Kite into the website of your bank, the public or the customer private area.

Your customer can start a chat session, make an audio or a video call and receive desktop streaming sessions,
right from his or her PC. No external program or plugin is needed! Security is guaranteed, thanks to the advanced encryption system (DTLS and SRTP protocols).


Customer care
Kite offers innovative services and advanced customer support through chat, audio, video and desktop sharing. Wildix Kite saves the time to your customers and to the bank employees, increases the customer satisfaction.
Videoconferencing for online meetings
With Kite you save time and money by avoiding unnecessary business trips. You can reduce the travel costs by organizing online video meetings with your distant colleagues and associates. Videoconference is perfect for a bank that has many branches spread across the country.


I’m completely satisfied with the results obtained, since both expertise and efficiency of the service have been made available to the customers, in view of the constant attention to the individual. Customer retention is a key factor, and today, thanks to Wildix technology, BCC can interact also with their digital customers, ensuring the same expertise and professionalism in online services, as at the desk.
Cesare Lombardi,
Head of Organization and Resources
Credito Cooperativo dell’Adda e del Cremasco
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Wildix for the Financial Services Industry and Banks