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This is an Integrated UV Sensor on CMOS with Digital I2C and built in UVC/Ambient/Red and Blue Photosensors with on-chip A to D conversion and signal conditioning circuits. Its ultra low power nW/conversion design allows it to be configured with both battery operated or energy harvested systems for a Ultra Low Power Sensor network suitable for UV Disinfection Feedback System.

The Sensor can be customised for high precision UVA, UVB and UVC energy measurement for wearables. UV lights are visible through Sapphire Glass coverings for wearable environmental UV sensing.

UV-C Sensor IC

o Incremental UVC energy measurement
o Background ambient cancellation
o Digital Output
o Ambient Condition discriminator
o Temperature Sensor
o Power Supply : 0.9V to 3V
o On Chip Real Time Clock
o I2C Interface
o Sub nW
For Priority Availability Only
General Availability : Q2'2022