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World's First Real-time, Wireless, Self-Powered & Reuseable UV-C Sensor

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Source agnostic
UV-C energy     
Unique ID
Low Cost
Works with all types of UV-C Lamps
Measures total energy received    
Provides energy data as available
Connects via BLE
No external power required
Each sensor has unique identity
All UVC readings are time verified
Use again and again
Low Cost
UVCSense provides the critical close-loop to existing UV-C dis-infecting solutions.  The sensor measures total UV-C energy the targeted surface receives and sends it back to the reader attached to the lamp via BLE connections.  The lamp’s intelligence can now be programmed to determine if an area needs more attention or it can be move on to the next location.

Designed to be inconspicuos and self-powered, UVCSense can be placed on any surface, furnishing or, even, equipment where dis-infection is needed.  With no need of any maintenance, UVCSense can be used for years depending on the environment.

UVCSense provides verifiable and auditable measurement as all readings, from each uniquely numbered sensor, is time-stamped.
For Priority Availability Only
General Availability : Q2'2022

World's First Real-time Wireless Self-Powered UV-C Sensor

Ready to be deployed, UVCSense works with any lamp source.