ARM By Core
144/128/108/64 MHz
Rich high-perf. analog Interface
Cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engine
N32G457 10/100M Ethernet
N32G4FR Fingerprint Series
80/48 MHz
Rich analog Interface
Password algorithm hardware acceleration engine options
BLE IC 4.2/ 5.1/ 5.0
Security IC
Smart Card IC
Our ARM-based single to multiple  ARM /GPU core are designed for maximum performance, design critical features  for multiple low-power modes and techniques to  ensure superior-fast wake-up capabilities, complex clock structures, and advanced and secure Flash controllers for non-volatile memory storage.

Our main products include general purpose MCU, security IC, trusted computing IC, smart card, Bluetooth IC, RCC innovative products, etc. The products are widely used in cyber security authentication, E-banking, E-license, mobile payment and mobile security, IoT, industry networking and control, home appliance and smart home, consumer electronics, motor control, battery and energy management, smart meters, medical electronics, automotive electronics, security, biometrics, communication, sensors, automation and other application directions.

Our MCU provides our customers with security required to safe-guard their products from Fab to customer hands. Our MCU incorporate security needed for secure boot, secure storage of their IP, firmware and critical data. Our MCU are also integrated with hardware security algorithm for encryptions, generation of keys for faster processing which enable device authentication, prevent physical attack, and also to meet supply chain security and new security standards compliant for shipment, including China-centric security certification for the security IC series.
Our ARM-based MCU
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Secure Boot, Secure Storage, Anti-attack
Cortex® M0 / M4F