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About Fidelity

Fidelity Technologies offers cloud-based software service and custom solutions to enable organisations to optimize business operations from customer and employee engagement to operations.  Designed for easy deployment and intuitive usage, Fidelity emphasizes on cost efficiency and operational expediency.

Since our beginning in 2007, Fidelity has been recognised for our strengths in technical solutioning and process re-engineering.   Fidelity continue to stand apart today on our innovative solutioning approach.  Fidelity has since enabled many industries (oil & gas, chemical, semiconductor fabs, metalworks, paper mills, QA laboratories, tertiary institutions) incorporating RFID (active, passive), barcode and IoT sensors.

Over the years, Fidelity continuously reinvents the company to address the greater industry evolution, exploring various opportunities including mobiles apps and IoT. 

Fidelity also plans to continue to invest to grow her IT platforms to address the IoT in agriculture, aqualculture and Industrial 4.0 opportunities in the South East Asia region.
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