Technology at the service of Healthcare

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Wildix-Bticino innovative solution for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and medical facilities allows you to reduce costs, increase caregiver efficiency and patient satisfaction.

BTicino and Wildix present the advanced nurse call solution that ensures patients welfare and optimizes the daily work of caregivers.
Call system. An alarm sent from a BTicino device in a hospital room comes to wireless W-AIR phones carried around by the caregivers, informing them on the room and the type of alarm originated.

Redirection to mobile phones. You can enable automatic redirection of nurse calls to a predefined mobile number.

SMS notifications. Relatives can receive SMS notifications about the alarms sent by the patient and the actions taken by the hospital staff.


BTicino delivers to the healthcare industry the nurse call system that enables simple and direct communication between patients and their caregivers. Wildix provides doctors and nurses with the cordless W-AIR phone connected to the BTicino system.

BTicino call system is based on BUS/SCS technology, for signals transport and management between different devices (patient’s control pane, room and supervision terminals, corridor display, signal light by the room door, etc). An alarm sent from the patient’s control pane appears immediately on the display of the nurse supervision terminal, and the light located outside the patient’s room turns on.

Wildix W-AIR system is a high technology product. The system uses the new wireless CAT-iq technology (Cordless Advanced Technology - Internet Quality) that combines telephony and Internet to allow a variety of advanced features. W-AIR is a wireless phone helpful to the hospital staff, easy to use and to carry, thanks to the attached clip.
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Technology at the service of Healthcare