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Proactive Telecare Monitoring: From Alerts to Predictions
Control Panel
Gateway for central communication and Emergency Call Button
Emergency Call Button
Emergency button with fall detection
Jewelry emergency button with fall detection
Motion Detector
Door/Window Sensor
Fall Detector
Passive Infra-Red
90o horizontal, 50o vertical
Intruder alert via "open door" alarm & notification
No wearable, radar detector
Battery Operated (AC option)
Upto 4m x 4m area
Pet immunity up to 30kg
Toxic Gas Detector
Electrochemical sensor. Detects presence of butane, propane, methane, city gas, natural gas
and other flue gases
CO Detector
Smoke Detector
Flood Detector
Carbon Monoxide detector.
5 years lifespan.
Audio alert for CO detect, low battery, sensor failure
85dB siren and Red light alert
Early warning for flood water detecion
Stationery Emergency Button
Wireless stationery emergency button  with large button.  Notify alert via Control Panel. 
Supports automatic over-the-air software programming and configuration update.
Emergency Voice Call if unable to press their panic button or pull cord.
Intelligent Voice Activation™ (IVA): an always-active technology that recognizes preset vocal commands which trigger specified actions.
Independent Living in Dignity
Eldercare Solution
Out of box ready, Configurable, Scalable
Wireless Gateway
Send out alerts to family and caregivers
Activities Sensors
Detects anomaly in daily activities
Emergency Help
Call for Help via Voice, Push Button or Pull Cord
Detects fall using wearbles or mounted sensors
Fall Detection
Safety Sensors
Home Safety
in addition to elder safety
Comprehensive Safety for your love ones
Peace of Mind
Living Independently
Peace for whole family
MDSense - Fall Detection